Scandinavia! Day 7 – Öland Island

Yesterday, after making use of the grocery store wifi, er, I mean getting dinner supplies, we ate at the cottage and headed back out to sightsee. We headed north, stopping at the Byrum sea stacks – limestone formations right at the edge of the water. Our next stop was Neptune’s Field, sheets of slate. We finished the day at the northern end of the island, at Långe Erik (a lighthouse), where we watched the sunset over the water. I had my fingers crossed to see the green flash, but no luck.

This morning , Dad and I walked through town a little while Andy and Mom got ready. After breakfast we headed to the nearby ruins, Borgholms Slott to have a look around. Then we drove across the island to check out Ismantorp, the ruins of an old fort and village from 300-600 AD.

Because you can never have too many old forts, we headed next to Gråborg, which is also home to the ruins of a medieval church, St. Knuts. It was a beautiful day to explore – practically cloudless and breezy.

Our next stop was the southern point of the island, when we realized that we were behind schedule to make it to our lodgings for the night. As we headed back to the mainland, Dad repeatedly ignored my demands that he speed – probably for the best. We had a quick American lunch at Burger King and headed off to Copenhagen!

The drive was long and my GPS kept trying to send us the long way, but we made it. After some trouble we got into the apartment – super snazzy – and headed out to find a grocery store. And we did! We found one that had closed an hour before. So back to the apartment where our host had left us some brochures and we opted for pizza.

Now we’re walking the street looking for wifi… And having just found some I will publish this and finish the day’s log tomorrow!