Disco Boat (Arkansas Day 5)

As we walked up to the marina office to rent our kayaks, I noticed a gold sparkly paddleboat. Cristin vetoed the idea of paddleboating instead of kayaking, but when we saw a couple using that very boat later, she did christen in the “Disco Boat.” I want my own disco boat.

We did have the energy to go kayaking today, so we went back to Lake Ouachita State Park. We rented the kayaks for a half day (4 hours) and had planned to bring a cooler and have lunch; however, these kayaks were different from ones we’ve used in the past so we had to leave the cooler behind in favor of smaller bags we could secure to the back. We tossed in a few snacks and water bottles and decided to have a later lunch when we returned.

Cristin had decided this would be the best day for kayaking, and she was right! We started under clouds and even felt a few raindrops. That was much better than blazing sun in the middle of the lake, which is what we ended up with. Still, there was a nice breeze that kept us cool.

We traveled a relatively short distance along one side of the lake, detouring to explore coves and to lay claim to an island. The lake is huge, so we’d have needed days to go the length of it. We fought the wind a little on our way out, and barely on the way back, except for when I detoured us down one cove. Coming back out was a battle against the wind, and both of us opted to just drift back into shore on the return to give our hands and arms a break.

After a break for lunch, we headed west to check out a couple of art galleries and gift shops we’d picked up brochures for at the welcome center. Unfortunately, the one I most wanted to go to closed at 3:00, but we did stop in two others, and the area we drove through was pretty.

We got back to the condo a bit before 5:00, and for once we’re not dead tired! Cristin made us a delicious spaghetti dinner, then we nerded around for a bit. I’m pretty sure we’re going to end up knitting again tonight, but there will probably also be brownies and jello shots, so we’re not completely old ladies yet!


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