Bass Pro Shops (Arkansas Day 1)

I’m pretty sure that “Bass Pro Shop” is the official state motto of both Tennessee and Arkansas, as exemplified by this picture:


So I’m in Arkansas, now! Cristin and I drove down today, and there’s nothing like 12 hours in the car together to let you know that you’re really friends. And we must be, since neither of us tried to kill the other at any point.

Most of the drive was in the rain, but in between downpours we got to admire the highways of Tennessee. You feel like you’re entering a tunnel of green, and it makes our own, flat farmland look even more dull. We finally got out of the rain just as we entered Arkansas, where, aside from Little Rock, we were surrounded by…flat farmland.

The landscape changed when we got off the highway and headed toward Hot Springs. The gentle hills and curving roads reminded me of Hocking Hills back home, complete with surprise churches when we came around a bend. Despite being stuck behind super slow campers and trucks, we still made it to our destination in the daylight. It’s nice to travel later in the spring!

Our condo at Hot Springs Village is AMAZING! We have a two bedroom place, and one of them has a jacuzzi tub the size of a small pool in the attached bathroom. There’s a small private courtyard in the front, complete with table and chairs. Our back porch (also with table and chairs) overlooks a lake. As Cristin put it, you could sleep six (there’s a pullout couch, too) in here and it wouldn’t even be cozy.

We have no idea what we’re doing tomorrow, but we picked up a lot of brochures at the state welcome center, so I guess we’re spending some time tonight making decisions.


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