Fun with Family

I had another lazy morning, but Andy did make us a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs, and oatmeal. And I made up for spending hours just reading with a fun filled afternoon.

After lunch, Andy and I drove over to Woburn to spend the afternoon and evening with our cousins. We arrived about an hour after the kids got out of school, so they had time to get homework out of the way before we played.

We met their foster kitty, a tiny thing with the outsized name Alexandria. Then the kids picked out some games for us to play. We started with Pit, which I managed to win most of the time (what really counts is that Andy didn’t win, ever!). Then we played The Oregon Trail card game. I survived until one river before we reached Oregon, when starvation took me.

After a short walk around the neighborhood and over to the middle school, we came back to throw around a football before eating a delicious home cooked meal (thank you, Carol!). After dinner we played a few more games (Rapidoodle, where I beat Andy again, and Bananagrams, where Andy handily beat the rest of us most of the time).

Tomorrow we have plans for some more hiking. I’m hoping it helps loosen up my leg muscles. Hard to believe I only have one more full day left in this trip.


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