Noshing in Newton

After yesterday’s exertion, I felt I deserved a lazy day and that’s (mostly) what I got.

Andy spent the morning working so I spent the morning reading. We broke for a lunch of leftovers before returning to our individual activities. (Okay, I might have also thrown a little nap in as well.)

In the late afternoon, Andy decided it was time for a real break from work, so we took a 3+ mile walk to the Millers River Potato Monument, recently made famous in a tweet from Andy that went viral (see here!). I took my obligatory pictures, then we hopped on the T to go to Newton.

We met my high school friend Amanda at the Deluxe Station Diner, which she aptly described as the Steampunk Diner. It’s in the old station at Newton Centre and the decor is very much Steampunk in nature. As a bonus, the food is good too! It was great to catch up with her and find out all the things we (still) have in common—including our hair color preference! Her purple is a bit more subdued than mine but with more variation.

We had a wait for the train home and then a 20 minute walk on top of it, but I’m telling myself that all that walking means the residual stiffness from yesterday’s hike will pass all that much faster.


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