Spares in the Suburbs

The rain woke all of us this morning. It passed eventually, but not before we all got a little bit of a soaking.

The three of us (Andy, Katie, and me) went to Friendly Toast for breakfast. They both got savory egg dishes, while I opted for the über-sweet and delicious King Cakes—two banana and chocolate chip pancakes with a layer of peanut butter in between, covered in whipped cream and served with bacon. It was delicious, but even I, with my limitless tolerance for sweets, couldn’t finish it.

Katie had a family matter to attend to in the afternoon, so Andy and I dropped her off at her apartment before heading to the Wakefield Bowladrome for candlepin bowling. The internet told us they were open, so even though the parking lot was empty, we tried the doors. It turned out we were there 15 minutes before opening time, but the guy gave us a lane and shoes anyway. I was absolutely terrible at first, but in our second game both Andy and I got spares! I’ve decided I really like candlepin bowling because even when you get gutter balls, you still have a chance of knocking down a few pins. Perfect for someone like me.

There’s another reason I enjoyed candlepin bowling—physics fun! I had a lot of fun watching the ball return act as a sort of Newton’s cradle, with one ball hitting a line of them and sending the far ball into the next line, sending that far ball forward. Andy and I both found it interesting enough to choose our next ball based on how it would allow the effect to play out when the previous one returned.

The rain had completely stopped by then, although the day stayed overcast. Andy and I headed back to his apartment for a rest before we set off on a long walk to Target in Watertown (I almost titled this post “Walking to Watertown” since it was more than 5 miles round trip). I needed some leggings for our hike tomorrow.

Back at the apartment, we made dinner (again, note that “we” here should be translated as “Andy”). Andy and I had spaghetti with meat sauce but Katie had vegetarian Cincinnati chili—always good to spread the specialties from home around the world! We had to have a specialty from this area, too, so we paired our spaghetti with Downeaster Cider.

We watched TV while eating dinner, but now we have to make a relatively early night of it in preparation for our hike tomorrow.


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