Baseball in Boston

Yes, I’m back on the east coast to visit Andy. I flew out of Dayton early this morning with a connection through Philadelphia.

Side note: apparently boxed macaroni and cheese looks dangerous in an X-ray.

The flight from Philadelphia to Boston gave me some great views of New York and Providence, which look like toys from up in the sky. I felt like I should be able to pick up skyscrapers and capitol buildings and rearrange them. Given my lack of spatial skills, it’s probably a good thing I can’t.

Andy picked me up from the airport and we set out to buy some lunch at Whole Foods. I must have grown up a little bit when it comes to eating my vegetables; while we were shopping I cried out, “Ooh, Brussels sprouts! I love Brussels sprouts!” After dropping enough money to feed a family of four, we took our salads back to his apartment.

Andy alternated doing some work with researching hiking options for us for Sunday, while I read and did a little writing of my own. We munched on peanut M&Ms for dessert and it’s a good thing my brother has some willpower and closed the bag, or there wouldn’t be any left at the end of this day. I also changed from my comfy but flimsy airplane pants and hoodie to jeans and a thicker hoodie; this hoodie is purple and in the lighting of Andy’s apartment it looks like my hair (which is now purple, in case you missed it) morphs into the hood. It’s a cool effect, if a little disconcerting.

Andy’s girlfriend Katie joined us for dinner, which we turned into an experiment. I gave them a box of Canadian Kraft Dinner (KD), so we prepared it and a box of US Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. By we, of course, I mean Andy. Then all three of us did a “double blind” taste test. Katie and I could tell the difference right away, but Andy needed a few bites.

After dinner we rode bikes over to Fenway Park. Since I neglected to pack my bike in my carry on I used one of the Hubway bikes. It was okay, but nothing like mine.

The game at Fenway was just what I wanted. Almost. The stadium was full, we participated in a wave that wrapped the stadium three and a half times, we sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” and we sang “Sweet Caroline.” It was absolutely perfect except for one thing: Boston lost.

It took forever to get out of the stadium and get the bikes to go home, but I don’t mind. It was a great first day in Boston.


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