Camino de Santiago (Arzúa to O Pedrouzo)

Tonight we’re in our last albergue. It’s hard to believe that after 37 albergues we’ll be in a hotel tomorrow night. 

This morning we left before dawn again, using a lamp to guide us. We were back at the start of a typical stage so there were a lot of people walking (and passing us). The morning was misty, and as the sun began to rise we were treated to a brief moment of pink fog. 

The day stayed cool, so we were glad to stop (at the second town, since the first was mobbed by everyone who passed us) for our Cola Cao and café con leche. Almost every bar and cafe we passed after that was full of pilgrims as we walked. We’ve been staying off the main stages for a while, so the crowds jarred us again. Fortunately we walked slowly enough to be left behind by most groups. As we walked, we admired all the beautiful flowers along the trail, both in gardens and wild.

When we arrived at our albergue, it was still a few minutes until opening time, but the hospitaleros were inside and opened the door for us. We got to choose our beds before registering! Our entire current Camino family is here: Sandra, Nina, Maura, and even Stephanie!

We got lunch at the grocery store a few doors down from the albergue and ate on the upstairs terrace. Then we spent several hours relaxing, reading and possibly dozing. Around 5:30 we set out to scope out dinner choices, finding a restaurant with a good number of options. At 7:00 we headed to dinner with Stephanie. 

Tomorrow we walk the final 20 kilometers to Santiago before catching the bus to Finisterre/Fisterra. It feels both like we’ve been walking forever, and that we just started. 


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