Scandinavia! Day 11 – Drive to Sæby

I woke up this morning to gray skies again, and it began raining as we packed up this morning. Fortunately, it cleared up long enough for us to load the car, and we were on our way!

It rained periodically during the first part of our drive, but it cleared up and became partly cloudy as we went along. When we hit the bridge connecting Zealand and Funen, it was clear… but windy! The bridge is long and the wind kept gusting and pushing the car.

Our drive was uneventful, with a stop in Jelling for lunch and a visit. Our lunch was tasty – meatballs and potato salad for Dad and me, something called tarteletter (like little mini potpies) for Andy and Mom. I traded Andy and meatball and a half to try one of his pies. Yum! After lunch we wandered through the local museum, which explained some history of this town – the site of the first Danish monarchy. Here, Gorm the Old put up a rune stone to honor his wife and his son, Harald Bluetooth (yes, the wireless technology is named after him, and his symbol is a combination of the runes for his initials – I learned something new!) put up a rune stone about uniting Denmark and Norway and introducing Christianity to the kingdom.

The museum was really interesting – very interactive! – and you can see the rune stones outside a medieval church. The church is surrounded by one of the most interestingly landscaped cemeteries I’ve ever seen. Each plot or two is surrounded by a small hedge!

Our sojourn in Jelling was brief and followed by another pleasant drive to our home for the evening – Sæby. Our cabin is small, with a sofa bed and a set of bunkbeds. We’re close to the harbor and a beach, but after sticking my hand in the water I can tell you I won’t be swimming here. It’s cold!

After dinner in a local restaurant we headed out to figure out where we catch the ferry tomorrow as we head to Norway (via Sweden). Then we drove up to the northern tip of Denmark – Grenen – and walked a bit on the beach. I touched the water again (still cold) and we climbed atop a WWII bunker to see where the waters of two seas meet.

Although Grenen is the northern tip, it’s not actually the northernmost place in Denmark – that’s a beach further up the coastline. Of course we had to stop there and touch the sea again. Dad did so successfully, but Mom, Andy, and I got a leeetle too close to the water and now have wet shoes.

It’s our last night in Denmark, so here are a few impressions from this country.

  • People here have generally been just as friendly as in Sweden.
  • Everything is expensive. And if you pay with credit card, they’ll tack on a extra charge a lot of places.
  • Copenhagen feels much more like a big city than Stockholm. It’s busy and colorful and vibrant but it lacks some of the Old World charm that Stockholm offers.
  • Remember your clock for your car window if you plan to park in public lots!

And now, our cabin has wifi, my hands are freezing, and we have to get up early, so I’ll update here and leave you with one last picture of Denmark.



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